It may not be noticeable from the outside, but inside millions of high-performance industrial systems around the world, you’ll find cables, wires and accessories from HELUKABEL. This should come as no surprise because throughout our company's 40-year history, we’ve steadily acquired expertise and in-depth knowledge across many industries and key technologies. But recently we've made significant investments in our infrastructure to evolve into more than just a cable manufacturer. Our capabilities now include complete electrical system solutions.

With the acquisition of the companies EKD Systems and Sangel Systemtechnik, which have both been active on the market for many years, the HELUKABEL Group is now offering OEM and customer-specific cable assemblies and drag chains. This is in addition to our existing competencies in designing and manufacturing robotic dress packs as well as cable storage and cutting systems. Our goal is to provide targeted support for different industries with customized, complete solutions that suit their unique applications.

Whether customers want just a coil of cable, a package of glands or a pre-loaded, plug-and-play cable sub-assembly, they come to us for our system solution capabilities.