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The importance of agricultural engineering with its agricultural equipment and machinery is growing with the increasing demand for food. Agricultural machinery should have a high level of quality and product safety and work accurately - so as not to lose its excellent international market position in the face of increasing competition.

Digitalization and automation have made their way into this area as well. Mobile machines, such as tractors and attachments are increasingly being equipped with control and regulation technology to relieve farmers and enable them to work more efficiently and precisely. The effective use of resources and the protection of the environment are increasingly coming to the fore. In order to ensure that the corresponding data traffic is also possible across manufacturers, the ISOBUS system was developed as a standardized communication interface.

For the best possible communication between tractors, self-driving mobile machines and attachments, we offer our HELUKABEL ISOBUS PUR, the ideal hybrid cable for reliable data transmission. HELUKABEL offers cables and wires for use in and on agricultural machines and vehicles, which, thanks to optimally matched materials, can withstand even heavy loads. In order to be able to make a long-lasting use of the cables and wires in agricultural technology possible, HELUKABEL attaches great importance to the cooperation and experience of the agricultural machinery manufacturers.

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