EDI – A Standardized Interface for Efficient Data Exchange

Time is an economic factor. Especially when it comes to delivery times, the time factor has a rapid and serious effect on costs. To supply customers even faster, HELUKABEL automatically records customers' Internet orders via the merchandise management system or ERP system (Enterprise Resource Planning). By connecting HELUKABEL's merchandise management system to the systems belonging to its customers, delivery times are drastically reduced.

EDI (Electronic Data Interchange)
In the event that a customer is not an SAP user, we offer a different, simple and efficient solution: With the help of an EDI standardised interface for efficient data exchange, a customer's system can be connected to HELUKABEL's ERP system. To guarantee a smooth transmission, all information is transferred in a so-called standard. These standards, with the formats EDITEC 3.3 and EDIFACT D96a, are international and industry-independent dynamic EDI standards that are continuously being further developed.

Advantages for you
The advantages of using this system are enormous time savings, fast processing and the minimisation of error rates. EDI is also independent of the hardware, the operating system used and the national language.

Together with the customer, EDP specialists can find a solution for implementing a fast and efficient ordering process for every situation.
For questions about EDI as a customer please contact edi-customer@helukabel.de.
As a supplier, please contact edi-supplier@helukabel.de