HELUKABEL offers diverse Industrial Ethernet solutions to face the challenges of evolving industries. Our HELUKAT® cables are much more than your average Industrial Ethernet cables.

Communication Protocols:

  • PROFINET (Type A, B, C, & R), Ethernet/IP, EtherCat, CC-Link and others.

Maximize Speed:

  • Cat 5 through Cat 7 available. The higher the category, the more data transmitted, over longer distances, and at the highest speeds (10Gb/s at 1200 MHz)
  • Data transmission speeds are backwards compatible, while thinking ahead for future infrastructure growth

Environmental and Mechanical Benefits:

  • Robust PUR, PVC and FRNC jackets that are chemical, oil, microbial and temperature resistant
  • Flexible for easy installation
  • Drag chain-rated products for continuous-flex operations
  • Torsion-resistant (+/180°) Type R for robotic applications